Overview of the Work We Did on Beholder & Beholder 2

With its strong Orwellian theme, the first original Beholder game garnered the attention of multiple publications and gaming communities and was featured on Metacritic’s 100 Most Talked About Games of 2016 list. It was also awarded IGN Russia’s Best Adventure Game of 2016, one of 8 finalists of GDC’s Best in Play 2017 and was recognized in numerous categories at Moscow’s DevGamm Awards

Beholder 2 intent is to deliver the same award-winning experience to players.

“Beholder 2 shows another side to the Orwellian dystopia – ‘The Ministry.’ While we continued to stick with rich stories, moral choices and multiple endings — this time we’ve ramped up on the overall absurdity.” – Evgeny Sister, Producer – Alawar Premium

To date, the original Beholder game has gone on to become a successful hit with over 12,000 positive reviews and counting on Steam. Their follow up hit ‘Beholder 2’ currently has over 2700 positive user reviews on steam since its launch.

Press Kit
Project/Game Title

Beholder on PC/Mac/Linux

Date Launched

Nov 9, 2016 on Steam PC

What We Did

PR & Influencer Outreach Campaign for the launch of Beholder, DLC and Sequel Beholder 2 on Steam PC. Worked on both PC Campaigns from Oct 2016 through the launch of Beholder 2 in Dec 2018.

In addition to the 2 game launches, we helped them with PR/Influencer outreach for Beholder the Short Film launched in 2018.

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