Eek! Games, developers behind Steam’s sexiest game House Party, are celebrating a year of major milestones. First off, the game recently surpassed 1 million in sales since entering Steam Early Access. In addition to that, new, highly-requested features from players and influencers alike have been added into the game, and a ton of quality of life improvements. We’re also getting close to House Party’s full release in March 2022.  That’s right! You heard correctly. House Party will be leaving Early Access very soon!  

If you’re in need of an early access key please request one here:

If it’s been a while since you’ve played, now’s a great time to re-join the party with all the things we updated inside House Party over the last two years! Let’s take a look:

  • Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson (The Game Grumps) are now in the game
  • Wardrobe reworks for Derek, Patrick, Vickie, Katherine, Amy, and Brittney
  • Derek’s romance storyline
  • Frank’s romance storyline
  • New radial menu for player choices
  • New loading screens, better save/load system, and autosaving
  • New hidden items and more collectible booze
  • Compubrah can now scan Frank and Katherine, and has new ways of scanning Rachael
  • In-game Tutorials and a Memories tab for navigating Opportunities
  • Updated Main Menu with language selection, translations, and Character Selection
  • A new cutscene-style intimacy system
  • The ability to challenge Derek to a dance-off
  • Load and loads of background chatter
  • The ability to uh…relieve your bladder, should you feel the need
  • Vickie’s ultra-hot finale…with threesomes
  • Over 10 new achievements
  • The ability to download Custom Stories from the Title Screen
  • Increased House Party’s total story content by nearly 57%

And that doesn’t even touch on all the awesome stuff coming soon!

  • Release from Early Access
  • Controller & Steam Deck support
  • Female playable character
  • In-game player rewards merch store
  • Mystery Guest DLC
  • …and more!

What are we working on now? We’re getting everything polished before we introduce the female playable character to the party. Along with this, we’re adding support for Valve’s new Steam Deck that drops this February and implementing controller support to House Party. Pretty much any XInput controller (which includes Xbox) should work, as well as the Logitech F301 and Playstation 4 (Dual Shock). We hope you guys enjoy partying with controllers.

Did we mention that Vickie’s finale is also now translated into Simplified Chinese? If you prefer playing House Party in Chinese, just restart your game and the new translation should automatically download at the title screen.








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