Into the Radius Milestone 6 Update Adds New Difficulty Levels, Guns, Gear, and Control Improvements

CM Games has released the sixth major Milestone update for Into the Radius, which brings new weapons and equipment, UI and control improvements, as well as adding brand new difficulty levels aimed to give players a VR experience that best suits their playing style. 

Into the Radius just launched its Milestone 6 update today that introduces a large variety of additions and improvements to the Early Access Virtual Reality game currently available on Steam and the Oculus Store with CM Games is gearing up for an upcoming Q3 full release out of Early Access.

The most exciting new feature is the addition of a new ‘Story’ with difficulty levels, which is focused on providing players the ability to experience Into the Radius’ story and setting without having to worry as much about survival elements, such as losing items upon death. Along with the new difficulty, Milestone Update 6 brings a load of new guns, control improvements, the addition of save slots, and UI/UX enhancements.

Into the Radius Milestone 6- What’s New:

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Virtual Reality Platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Oculus (online store), Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus Quest (with link). Coming soon to HTC Viveport!

Here’s everything new coming in Milestone Update 6:

Improved Main menu with selectable difficulty, settings and different save slots

  • Difficulty Settings:
    • Story – Players can Save/Load at any time, players won’t lose anything when dying – except the passing of time, tracers for every gun, an easier experience overall.
    • Realistic – The game is autosaved constantly and can be loaded from the menu only, a true hardcore Radius experience.
  • New Weapons and equipment, sound and VFX improvements for weapons, and a full price rebalance
    • 9×19 – Glock 18 and Beretta M9
    • 7.62×25 – Tokarev TT and PPSH saw-off
    • 7.62x54R – Mosin Nagant with proper bolt action and PU scope + SVD
    • 7.62×39 Subsonic ammo type for extra silent shots
    • 12mm – IZ81 Pump-action shotgun
    • F1 Defensive grenades, Gasmask, Headlamp, and Canned ham
  • Controls and Player
    • The weight system is implemented, after reaching encumbrance thresholds your sprinting capacity will be reduced.
    • Left-handed mode will change the control scheme, holster locations and wrist bracelet hand.
    • Changed Index sprint toggle to thumbstick forward to avoid issues with hard to press Index thumbsticks.
    • Crouch can be toggled with a thumbstick move, along with physical crouch.
    • Improved inspect mode toggling is more intuitive.
    • Hands will no longer clip through walls and furniture.
    • Knife and flashlight now have a togglable alternative grip mode.
    • When a weapon is out of ammo, pressing the fire selector button will release the bolt if the weapon locks the bolt upon the last shot.
    • Grenades can go to holsters on the tactical vest.
    • Removed side pouch in favor of additional holster that can take more types of small stuff like artifacts or ammo boxes.
  • New areas
    • Motorpool underground complex.
    • Improvement of the forest areas with better art, density, and variety.
    • Notes can be found in the Radius with hints to stash locations with valuable loot.

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