DOLMEN is a new action RPG that mixes sci-fi with Lovecraftian cosmic horror!

Massive Work Studio has had a busy week, going from debuting their latest DOLMEN demo build at Gamescom 2018 to the games official reboot on Kickstarter today. Big plans are on the horizon for DOLMEN, and they’re asking for support from the gaming community to bring them to fruition.

“For our Kickstarter Reboot, we are asking for 15K USD as a base goal because we want to bring DOLMEN from its current alpha build to a full-fledged polished ‘Open Beta’ build on Windows PC via Steam. Chapter 1 with an estimated 6 hours of gameplay, will be a truly ‘xenomorphic’ map full of monsters, challenges, various equipment, and plot.

Our team has so much more content in the making! More levels, stories and even bigger creatures and weapons!  With this proof of concept we also want DOLMEN to obtain support from a publisher and reach multiple platforms (PS, Xbox) and support additional gameplay modes (HERE’S A SPOILER: Multiplayer/Co-Op!) We have a ton of new ideas and concepts for DOLMEN, and with your support, we can make them a reality!” — Pedro Bastos, Producer

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“DOLMEN plays on the third-person action genre, but draw the game’s inspiration from HP Lovecraft mythos…”PlayStation Lifestyle
“Developers Massive Work Studio have a plan to fill in the [Dark Souls] gap … with a new sci-fi horror take called DOLMEN.” – PCGamesN

About the Game

DOLMEN casts players onto a hostile alien world is known as Revion Prime, the location of the greatest recorded massacre in galactic history. Little more can be said about the far-off planet since its coordinates were lost to war. As neighbors, it has four gas giants and a nearby star called Nynfield. The corpses of those who lived there long ago orbit the planet — like a mass grave suspended in time. As the sole survivor of a crew of human astronauts pulled from charted space and abducted into a distant future, you awake below the planet’s surface with no supplies. Being alone on Revion Prime is like having been forgotten by life itself. With no answers as to how you got there, or what happened to your crew, your journey begins in the dark.

The key to survival in DOLMEN is adaptation and exploration. All gear must be harvested from the finite resources available on the planet. Craft armor, weapon upgrades and consumables as you try to survive, and power your space suit with Reactors to gain new attributes. The many kinds of eldritch horrors and abominable beings that populate the planet react dynamically and differently when attacked. By gaining experience, level up your character to fit your playstyle and improve your chances of survival. But don’t forget to stock your base or risk losing it all. Revion Prime is unforgiving; you’ll learn that the hard way.

“Where Stars Bleed is our first chapter on the world of Revion Prime, What you should expect from Chapter 1 is around 4-6 hours of gameplay, 2 Unique Bosses, Champions and 5 unique types of enemies that each have different fighting styles and hierarchies, 2 Armour sets that can be upgraded and customized to change the way you play DOLMEN. Each Tier of armor will come with different visuals and higher stats than its predecessor.

There will be 5 Melee weapons combined with 3 different shields you will use to face the foes of Revion Prime, Your melee weapons will be complemented by 3 different Ranged weapons each varying in how they compliment your time in Revion Prime.

There will be 2 different Reactors for you to use in DOLMEN and these will affect how you play the game.” — Pedro Bastos, Producer

DOLMEN’s Key Features:

Explore a Devastated, Darkly Beautiful Planet: Revion Prime is an alien world, with environments inspired by the work of macabre artists like H.R. Giger and H.P. Lovecraft, that challenges you to unearth its dark history by connecting fragments of the past.

Engage in Fast-Paced Dynamic Combat: Combat is intense and heavily based on timing, mixing melee-based attacks, Over-the-Shoulder (OTS) perspective long-range shooting and the use of defensive maneuvers such as dodging and blocking.

Adapt or Perish; Craft to Survive: Mankind, so we believe, has become a prevalent species due to its ability to endure and adapt to inhospitable environments. Build up your skills and scavenge what little resources are available to create items and customize your equipment. You’re going to need anything you can find to live to see another day.


About Massive Work Studio

Massive Work is a new studio based in Natal-RN, Brazil, with twenty-three team members, over two dozen indirect collaborators, and five partner studios, spanning thirteen cities in several countries. Team members include Abraão Segundo and Alex Oliver, whom previously worked on AAA titles such as Injustice 2, Diablo and World of Warcraft. Everyone at Massive Work shares a shared love for the game industry and the drive to make the best games possible! Massive Work’s premier title is DOLMEN, a Sci-Fi Action-RPG inspired by games like Dark Souls, Dead Space, and Metroid Prime. For more information, please visit

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