I recently sat down to interview Kanon of Amplecti Chao to discuss his game 60 Second Strike, recently launched on Sept 5, 2017.

“Something you can keep coming back to…a fun, fast-paced action game. Go buy it.”
Highly Recommended – Indie Gaming Podcast

A shooter you can play for minutes or hours at a time, 60 Second Strike offers a refreshing new take on classic old-school gameplay. When time is your life–how long can you last?

THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE: Defeat enemies and gather crystals to gain more time, but beware–the more damage you take, the less time you’ll have left.

A SIMPLE GOAL WITH INFINITE APPROACHES: With procedurally generated maps offering countless challenges across multiple modes, the action only stops when you do.

UPGRADE AND CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOADOUT: Mix skill and strategy to hone your personal gameplay style, and keep the odds ever in your favor by permanently upgrading your weapons and ship.

THE NEED FOR SPEED: A custom game engine allows for unprecedented speed to get you in the game as soon as possible–you’ll be playing before most other games have even booted.

NO REST FOR THE WICKED: 60 Second Strike is the debut release from Amplecti Chao, a one-person indie outfit with over a decade of industry experience including the Destroy All Humans! and Borderlands series.

Purchase the game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/696540/60_Second_Strike/

Visit the website to learn more: https://www.60secstrike.com/

Press Kit: http://www.indiedb.com/games/60-second-strike/presskit/all

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